Volunteering for those in need

NO act of kindness is too small according to Salvos Store, Morwell volunteer Alison Moulton who believes a friendly smile or gesture of support can go a long way this Christmas.

Joining the Latrobe Salvos Store family more than two years ago has been a fulfilling move for Ms Moulton, who said making those less fortunate smile made the commitment to helping others worthwhile.

“I know that I am in an okay place at the moment; I also know there are a lot of people out there in very bad places but the fact I can help them is a really nice feeling,” Ms Moulton said.

“I’ve been down and out in my time so I know what it is like; helping people in those situations makes it a little bit easier for them.”

Predominantly based in the storage room filtering through donated goods, Ms Moulton said opportunities to speak with customers was an enjoyable social outlet for her.

Following major surgery, which required 12 months of rehabilitation, Ms Moulton said she reflected on her contribution to the community and aimed to do more.

“Going through serious surgery and coming out being able to walk and talk and then going through 12 months rehabilitation, I started thinking that we take so much for granted,” she said.

“When you see people that don’t have much, you appreciate what you have in life.”

After being unemployed for a period of time, Ms Moulton said volunteering at the Salvos provided a routine and sense of security while contributing to the community.

“There is a level of self worth,” she said.

“When you are sitting at home doing nothing, you do nothing.

“When you have a routine you accomplish more so it is self fulfilment when I see a smile on someone’s face because I’ve helped them out.”

This Christmas, Ms Moulton urged people to be kind to those less fortunate.

“A simple ‘hello’, smile and ‘how are you going’ goes a long way,” she said.

“It is a basic thing but it can mean a lot to someone.”