Path through Gippsland

The ability to live at home and learn in smaller sized classes were factors which influenced a Flinders College student’s decision to study at Monash University Gippsland this year.

Emma Bertoli said she chose to study at Monash’s Gippsland campus because she wanted to stay close to family and friends and her decision was made even easier when she was offered a scholarship in December.

The 18 year-old will study a Bachelor of Business and Commerce majoring in human resource management and said she was “excited” to be one of 20 students so far to receive a $15,000 industry placement program scholarship.

She said part of the scholarship also ensured she would put knowledge into practice in industry placement for the last six months of her degree and attend fortnightly meetings to strengthen her employment-ready skills.

She said she had always wanted to go to Monash, and not just because it was close to home, though that was a big factor in her decision.

“I did consider going to Melbourne when I was younger, but with a boyfriend, family and friends (here) it was easier to stay home and save up my money… so I won’t end up being a poor uni student,” she said.

“Going to Flinders, which is a small school, I wanted to go to a smaller uni, because you get more one-on-one help.”

“I couldn’t imagine myself in a business class with 300 other students.”

Ms Bertoli said she had worked hard to get her 71 ATAR score.

She said she was happy with her score, which she achieved while keeping a balanced life of school, work, friends and family intact.

She said she felt confident in her future career in human resources after considering teaching before she rethought the commitment and lifestyle that accompanied that profession.

“Business had a more appealing lifestyle and human resources isn’t an industry that is ever going to die down,” Ms Bertoli said.