Volunteers needed

LES Maher has been helping Latrobe Valley residents get to vital medical appointments for 10 years.

Starting out as a driver, Mr Maher conveyed patients to Melbourne with the Red Cross transport service.

Now, he coordinates the region’s 10 drivers.

But family commitments mean Mr Maher is ready to pass the baton on, and the Red Cross is calling for a dedicated volunteer to take his place.

“I’ve just got tremendous enjoyment out of helping these people who’ve got no hope of getting there otherwise,” Mr Maher said.

“The job in itself, is very rewarding.”

Red Cross social inclusion programs officer Hayley Peck said the role was integral to the service’s smooth operation.

“The volunteer convenor is the lynch-pin for the whole service in Traralgon. They are the contact point for volunteer drivers and for agencies booking clients,” Ms Peck said.

Mr Maher said the job was “consistent, but not hard”.

“I’m not going to quit until we get someone to take it,” he said.

“I am very happy to assist the new convenor to settle into the position and remain available should they require assistance at any time.”

For more information about the volunteer convenor role, phone the Red Cross on 8346 8339.