Doreen’s treasured ‘tree cosy’

Doreen King has made it her mission to “spread rainbows” wherever she goes.

Her porch is decorated with colourful mosaic furniture, an extension of the 82 year-old’s vibrant spirit.

To the delight of her Yallambee Retirement Village neighbours, Mrs King decided to broaden her creative talent and ‘yarn bomb’ a tree in her shared backyard.

Yarn bombing is a form of street art where objects are wrapped with knitted or crocheted yarn and Mrs King was inspired by Melbourne’s Swanston Street, where eucalyptus trees have been embellished with bright woollen installations.

“I call it a ‘tree cosy’,” she said.

Every day for the past month, Mrs King has knitted small panels, and using a pillow to support her knees, carefully connected each section on the tree to completely cover its branches.

“It was fun,” Mrs King said.

“It’d be fun if a lot more people did it.”

The Traralgon grandmother said the secret to her longevity was doing Tai Chi each morning.

She said the tree had brightened the days of nearby Margery Cole Hostel residents.

“I think they appreciate the colours,” she said.

“I hope people get pleasure and happiness out of it.”

Mrs King now has her eye on two other trees in the yard.