Latrobe Health Advocate releases quarterly update

Alyssa Fritzlaff

LATROBE Health Advocate Jane Anderson released her quarterly update on Wednesday, November 10.

Ms Anderson’s report covers the period from July to September 2021, and details the top aspirations identified by the community during this time.

Among the top aspirations were mental health access to services.

Community members spoke about the impacts of COVID-19, natural disasters and the increase of living on their mental health.

Healthy lifestyles was also identified as a goal, with those over 60 expressing the importance of keep physically fit, appreciating the good in life and staying connected with family and friends.

“A key element of my role is to elevate the voice of communities and enable systems change that leads to improved health and wellbeing of Latrobe communities,” Ms Anderson said.

“I reach out to people who often don’t have their voices heard, provide a pathway to government for the aspirations and concerns expressed by communities and call for governments to consider community voice at all stages of service design and delivery.”

As COVID-19 cases grew in Latrobe Valley, Ms Anderson observed community members experiencing tension as they observed what they described as “a lack of compliance with the rules”.

Others reported frustration or confusion as they navigated information and rules for their individual situation.

In her update Ms Anderson highlights several system changes that can provide better health and wellbeing across the region, with elements of community voice, better supports and better services mentioned in the report.

“People in Latrobe are sharing their experiences with me and providing great insights into what is concerning them and what solutions they can see that will support people in Latrobe to experience better health and wellbeing,” Ms Anderson said.