Harri’s heroic haircut

Brave: Young Harri Tutin shaved his locks for Wigs4Kids last week. Photograph Liam Smith



LOCAL primary school student Harri Tutin made the brave sacrifice of shaving off his hair last week for the charitable organisation Wigs4Kids.

Wigs4Kids is an Australian organisation that donates wigs to children who are getting treated for cancer within Australia, donating 100 per cent of raised funds in the meantime.

Wigs4Kids ticked Harri and his mother Tanya’s boxes after they recognised that some organisations could donate the hair overseas, and not all of the proceeds would be donated.

Harri had been growing his hair for over two years now, after deciding to chop it off for charity himself.

The incredible gesture only held more meaning when Tanya was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Now cancer free, the family realised intended awareness being raised, which was noticed by Harri at school and by friends and family.

On Friday, May 12, Harri gathered Hazelwood North Primary School and family at the end of the school day, as they watched and contributed to the cutting process.

“What Harri is doing is a very kind a generous act,” Hazelwood North Primary School principal Gillian Connolly explained to the on looking students.

Families who donated to Harri’s fundraiser were able to cut a couple of braids off each, while each of his family members also got the chance to snip some hair.

Harri set a $2000 fundraiser goal, which was surpassed, and currently sits at $3314 at the time of print.

“We’re really proud of Harri for his efforts and for people who donated as well,” Ms Connolly added.

As the winter season is upon us, Harri’s head might get colder as the year goes on, so he was given a couple of beanies to keep his head warm.

Harri appeared to be over the moon with his new look – but also what he had achieved, unable to wipe the grin off his face as his hair continued to come off.

His hair will now be shipped off to the Wigs4Kids organisation, where it will be transformed into a wig for kids receiving treatment for cancer.

Donations can still be made at tinyurl.com/2d857pjd

Chop: Hazelwood North Primary School principal Gillian Connolly cuts off the first braid. Photograph Tom Hayes