IN Wyung Drive, Morwell, there lives a couple who love this time of year.

Spreading so much cheer, Colleen and Arthur Wells have attracted families from far and wide to their Disney-inspired Christmas home.

The Wells have always shown their love for Christmas, decorating through extreme heat, wind or hail every year for the past 30 years.

The decorating mastermind, Colleen, says she has always loved all things Christmas.

Many readers might remember this lovely couple from their time in Yallourn North, where they opened their home for everyone to see their impressive Christmas collection.

Having moved to Morwell, Colleen never planned on continuing the decorations, but her love for the holidays was unmatched, and Arthur gave in to her demands.

“I hadn’t planned it, but I didn’t have the window like Yallourn North – I wanted to show everyone the joy of it, so we opened up the house,” Colleen said.

Drawing on many inspirations, Colleen said that the 100th anniversary of Disney was her number one muse as she hand-crafted Disney characters for her front yard display.

As you journey through the mystical and magical wonderland of the Wells home you are transported to many lands, from a room of gold to a room of white to an Australian-themed backyard paired with a kangaroo nativity scene.

With a flair for design, Colleen says her secret to Christmas decor is not to buy more but to “just try to change (the display) from the year before”.

Building a whole Christmas walk-through house is no easy feat. Colleen has compiled her Christmas knick-knack collection for around thirty years, with many of her pieces antique and handcrafted.

It takes two months for Colleen to create her Christmas home, with October 1, her start date each year.

Having only recently started adorning the outside of her home the past few years, Colleen said she had to join in on the fun of exterior lights.

Perhaps Colleen comes from Santa’s workshop because her love for Christmas is unmatched.

“It’s not my job, but I want people to be happy; it’s a sad world now, but at Christmas time, for at least one month of the year, people talk to you, smile and wish you a Merry Christmas,” Colleen said.

For Colleen, the meaning of Christmas can be found in spending time with your family and friends, and it is certainly not about the presents, as Cindy Lou Who found out in The Grinch.

Colleen has an open heart and decided to open her house up for all, but she did have her reservations at the start with security.

“I have not had any issues, and I surprised myself,” she said.

“People have proved me wrong.”

“I just love Christmas,” she added.

While Colleen doesn’t play favourites with her monumental festive collection, Arthur’s favourite item out of the whole display was a vintage Santa Claus that sat prominently in the dining room.

Colleen might not be aware of the full extent her love for all things festive has had on many in Yallourn North, with the small town continuing her legacy even after moving.

“The number of people that come to me and say ‘We we’re going to your place in Yallourn North when we were kids and now we’re bringing our kids’, like tradition”, she laughed.

In 2023, Yallourn North will seek to break its record of 110 homes lit up.

The township has encouraged it’s residents to increase its light display each year and has had a record number of light displays in the town for nine years.

The houses are counted on Christmas Eve, so if you’re in Yallourn North, take on Colleen’s advice and put up that extra string of lights and see more smiling faces this holiday period.

Inspired: Colleen was inspired by Disney’s 100-year anniversary. Photograph: Zaida Glibanovic

Travel: The Wells’ home turns into the North Pole. Photograph: Zaida Glibanovic

Wow: Yallourn North is known for its crazy Christmas displays. Photograph supplied