THE Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project has shown its appreciation for the work that men’s sheds undertake in the community, with significant donations to five local organisations.

Men’s Sheds at Morwell, Churchill, Boolarra, Traralgon and Traralgon South have each received a $2000 voucher that will enable them to purchase equipment from local hardware outlets.

Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project Director, Tom McDowall said the men’s shed programs provided on-going support to the local community through their activities.

“We want to acknowledge their work in a tangible way that will help these local men’s sheds in their operations,” he said.

“The social connections and the mental health benefits of those connections are extremely valuable for individuals and at the same time their activities support other parts of the community.

“The value of involvement in these entities cannot be underestimated. By making these donations, the project team hopes we can encourage people to become involved in men’s sheds and other community organisations like community houses.”

Community: Outside Bunnings in Morwell are Chris Madsen from Traralgon South Men’s Shed, Lyn Matthews from Traralgon Men’s Shed, Hazelwood Project Director, Tom McDowall, and Peter McIntosh from Churchill Men’s Shed. Photograph supplied

One of the men’s sheds representatives said the funding would enable the sheds to continue offering the community an outlet for practical involvement.

“Through shared experiences in a shed, members make friends, build a network of emotional support, and develop a sense of belonging,” the said.

The vouchers provided can be used at either Bunnings stores in the Latrobe Valley or at Bensons Timber and Hardware, which has stores in Morwell and Yinnar. Each club has nominated its preferred option.

The Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project is undertaking remediation and rehabilitation of the former Hazelwood Power Station and mine.

The rehabilitation works are being undertaken to provide the best possible outcome for the safety and stability of the site, as well as provide opportunities for potential future uses.

Details on the project are available at the website