MOE, Traralgon, and now to Paris.


Emily Kenter, the owner of the online shoe outlet Heel Society, flew her style into Paris City Fashion Week on March 5, showing off her work, the ‘Chained Up Collection’.


Born in Moe Hospital and raised in Traralgon, Ms Kenter developed a passion for design. Three years ago, she started designing her first collection so that she could release Heel Society in November 2022.


Heel Society has recently taken a global step into Paris, and it will soon attend New York Fashion Week in September and possibly Milan Fashion Week in 2025.


“Heel Society will be featured in New York Fashion Week in September, collaborating with the same USA designer,” Ms Kenter’s personal assistant, Kimberly Graham said.


“We are aiming to get our next collection out to showcase at New York Fashion Week.


“Furthermore, we are striving to make it into Milan Fashion Week in 2025, coinciding with its 3rd-6th collection release.


“A USA designer contacted Heel Society to collaborate on our Instagram account. We replied to the designer and planned a meeting via WhatsApp. The designer provided us with finer details outlining how her clothing brand was walking in Paris City Fashion Week, and she wanted Heel Society’s ‘Chained-up Collection’ (first designs) to collaborate with her outfits.


“It was surreal to watch your brand walk Paris alongside other talented designers and models. We fully felt the vision come to life.”


For Heel Society, Ms Kenter has employed Ms Graham, whom she has known closely as a personal assistant and as one of her best friends for 12 years. Within the first six months of Heel Society starting, the first heel collection was showcased in Gold Coast Fashion Week in May 2023 and then in Paris in March this year.


Ms Kenter told the Express that opinions from other people were a factor in success. She also said that to strive in the industry, others should chase desires, adapt, and quit ‘overthinking’ to stay motivated.


As more attention comes to Gippsland’s talents, Ms Kenter said it was fantastic to have the local area in the fashion spotlight.


“As a small business owner, it was a nice feeling to see someone else find value in the potential of my first collection designs, especially on an international level,” she said.


“I felt it was a reflection of my effort and perseverance. It was empowering to witness my hard work come to fruition.”


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Runway: USA-based model Alaya Holmes wearing Traralgon’s Heel Society’s ‘Chained-up-Collection’ heels.