IT’S undoubtedly not the pub, but the rowdy town hall making the noise recently where bands the Acoustic Kitchen and the Blind Cobblers Thumb, bringing the Celtic/Irish twist and painting the town green.

The Blind Cobblers Thumb consists of four members who brought their talents and laughter from Foster.

Foster teachers and part of the South Gippsland Schools Music Program, Rebecca Bone and Roy John, were joined by their ‘keeping-Ms-Bone-from-getting-off-track’ Fiona Curram and mandolin player Julian McMullan throughout the night. The group has been part of the local music scene for many years and was happy to bring their talents to fundraising for the Mirboo North Recovery Relief.

While the group themselves weren’t directly impacted by the storm, Mr John, a member of the Blind Cobblers Thumb, was traversing the local streets, witnessing the devastation that awaited the town. This resilience, this ability to face adversity head-on, is a testament to the strength of the community, he said.

“I tried calling him in the storm, but of course, the phones weren’t working,” Ms Bone told the crowd.

Ms Bone told the crowd about the experience, while Ms Curram quietly added a sad and emotional undertone soundtrack, throwing off Ms Bone. The comedic distraction kept the positivity they hoped to achieve throughout the town and energy high for those ready to dance.

The Mirboo North Hall was packed for the event, with up to 16 tables full. Odd seats were here and there, but that’s because the group was on the floor, clicking their heels to the inviting sways of the band.

Opening for the Cobblers was the Mirboo North acapella group Acoustic Kitchen. The crowd wasn’t as rowdy as they were for the Blind Cobblers, but more of the peaceful enjoyment of sitting in ones company and listening to relatable, choc-filled parodies of classic songs.

The night’s generosity didn’t stop at the group, but the South Gippsland Shire Council and the Mirboo North Hall committee. The hall committee allowed the bands to play and use needed audio equipment free of charge so that all money raised could go back into the town.

At the end of the night, many thanks and the screaming of “encore!” hollowed out the room. The night turned into a blast, proving it’s not only the pubs who know how to have fun.