Demand prompts upgrade

AN INCREASE in electricity demand has prompted a state electricity service provider to commence upgrade works to a Traralgon facility.

Commencing this week, SP AusNet will undertake a $12.8 million infrastructure upgrade, to provide for “increased demand for the future”.

The upgrade, which is expected to take place until November next year, will happen at SP AusNet’s site in McMahon Street, Traralgon.

A spokesperson said there might be “some works” outside of the company’s premises, to upgrade SP AusNet’s zone substation and associated infrastructure.

“We do extensive planning throughout our network and review if we’re meeting capacity demand on a regular basis,” the spokesperson said.

“We upgrade infrastructure accordingly to manage that demand.”

The spokesperson said an increase in consumer demand had been witnessed recently, motivating the company to further “strengthen electricity supplies in Traralgon”.

The upgrade works are expected to benefit about 15,000 customers according to the spokesperson, who said all expenditure for the project would be undertaken by SP AusNet.

“It is expenditure that SP AusNet makes to keep supply up to scratch,” the spokesperson said, adding the project had been “approved and deemed reasonable and necessary” by the Australian Energy Regulator.

With Traralgon recently highlighted by Latrobe City Council to witness a “significant boost” in population over the next few years, the spokesperson said the project would serve as an “asset” to the community.