Moe shootings an ‘isolated incident’

LATROBE Criminal Investigation Unit detectives say two separate shooting incidents at a house in Hennessy Street, Moe were an “isolated incident” and “not a trend occurring in Moe”.

Detective Sergeant Alan Rumble acknowledged the “extremely unpleasant situation for neighbours and residents of Moe” and said experts from Melbourne were being utilised to help solve the crime.

“The police are extremely concerned given the nature of the offending and safety of residents,” Det Sgt Rumble said.

The first reported incident occurred in the early hours of Tuesday, where a 23 year-old woman sleeping in the front room of the house escaped without injury when a shot was discharged into the room.

“It was extremely fortunate she was not injured,” Det Sgt Rumble said.

Two nights later, in the early hours of Thursday, another single shot was discharged into a different room of the same house.

Again, the occupants of the house escaped injury.

Det Sgt Rumble was unable to comment on why the incidents had occurred, saying police were “looking at a range of different aspects”.

However, he appealed to anyone with information to phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.