Praise for paramedics

SHEILA Corser has nothing but praise for local paramedics who worked to save her husband from death just weeks ago.

The Yinnar woman, who has been sole carer for her husband John after he suffered a massive stroke 14 years ago, thought she had lost him in the early hours of 15 August.

In contrast to stories of patients facing lengthy delays for ambulances across the Latrobe Valley, Mrs Corser said she could not fault the response to her husband’s emergency.

“It was a horrible night,” she said.

“But we had a MICA (Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance) unit and two ambulances at our property and these men worked and worked for more than an hour on my husband, who did not have a pulse, then one told an officer to drive the MICA van to the hospital so he could stay in the back with my husband and travel with him,” Mrs Corser told The Express.

“The way they handled our situation was the most impressive thing I have seen.”

Mrs Corser said she felt compelled to later visit the Morwell Ambulance Station and express her gratitude to “the wonderful, professional and caring people” she credits with saving her husband’s life.

“You hear so many stories about how long people have to wait but I think it’s a hell of a job they are doing and there are so many horrific things they experience… I think they have been wonderful,” she said.

Mrs Corser hopes her husband will be discharged from hospital this week.