Protest camp sets up at Yallourn

Power Station operators are forming a base camp at the station this morning, in protest of the company’s decision to indefinitely lock workers out  on Friday.

A crowd of about 25 locked out operators are currently setting up tents and cooking facilities, for what they say will be a “prolonged” show of unity against the company’s lockout decision, and its refusal to grant certain conditions in a new enterprise bargaining agreement. 

“We have no intent to impede other workers coming and going to work, and we will stay well within the law, but this will be a constant reminder to everyone at Yallourn that workers are locked out, and is designed to create controversy on the site,” lead CFMEU negotiator Greg Hardy said. 

The four unions representing power station maintenance workers, also covered by the elusive EA, are due to meet with the CFMEU tomorrow to discuss the heightened stand off.