Social talk – ‘Colin’s last stand’

Mr Bermingham’s original story, ‘Colin’s last stand’, published in Monday’s Express, received more than 20 comments from our readers on Facebook.

Audrey Naismith Fair go. There is something wrong with this. I think there are more things to worry about than this man’s garden. At least he is proud and has made his nature strip look nice. Let him enjoy it!

Rosemary Twyerould His illness should not be an issue here,while I feel for him suffering his illness. It’s not allowed by council laws, we all know the nature strip is NOT our land, and he isn’t even the property owner, I believe council should have it removed, he can garden all he like behind the fence line, like the rest of us.

Jo Britt If there was consistency in council actions, such as addressing the abandoned mattresses on a neighbouring naturestrip, then I think more people would be accepting of this ruling.

Peta Morris Bassett What rubbish, his plants aren’t hurting anyone, how about making all the home owners with trees/bushes that overhang footpaths and fences trim them so as pedestrians aren’t forced onto the nature strips, or fining those that park cars over footpaths/driveways forcing pedestrians onto the nature strip and/or the road. Public safety is put at more risk by these issues than an old mans pride and joy

Jo Kondo It all comes down to liability, sorry but it’s 2013 and everyone one’s worried about being taken to court. What happens when someone trip’s over the large white pot plants or a kid gets wobbly on his bike and knocks into them and which in turn may cause serious injury?

Dave McAuley Maybe they should start looking at real dangers like all the cracked footpaths and drain covers in Morwell there’s a court case waiting to happen in most streets

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