Moe pub warned

A MOE licensed premises is formally on notice to do its bit to curb alcohol-fuelled anti-social behaviour, after a spike in incidents in the central business district.

The premises, which police have not named, was served with a written police warning on Thursday.

Latrobe Inspector Mick West said police had dealt with 15 incidents in the area in the past month, including drunken behaviour, damage to property and violent assaults.

“Police were extremely alarmed about the behaviour around the licensed premises in the last three to four weeks,” Insp West said.

“They’ve got to have due regard for the amenity of the area and the safety of their patrons.

“People should be able to go about their business in a pleasant and unobstructed way, in line with community standards.”

If it fails to comply with the police request, the premises could face the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation.

However, Insp West said individuals also had to take responsibility for their behaviour.

“People who are heading out need to be aware that poor behaviour, violence and intoxication is not going to be tolerated and they’ll be dealt with,” he said.