Meet the candidates

Ben Buckley – Liberal Democratic Party

Candidate for Gippsland

I believe that if you get the economy right other things fall into place, including jobs, the budget and boat people.

I believe we ought to be a safe and friendly shore for the needy and dispossessed.

We could easily cope with these people if we were to establish a capital works program similar to the post World War II situation.

I would also press for the reintroduction of a voluntary vote where people are not expected to express an opinion under threat of prosecution.

Gary Patton – Senator On-Line

Candidate for McMillan

As a husband, father, grandfather and small businessman with a background in the manufacturing, transport and logistics sectors, Gary said he knew only too well the financial hardships and difficulties experienced by families and small business operators.

Gary said he was passionate that the future direction of this country be determined by the people of Australia and not lobbyists, self-interest groups or party politics.

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Saviour Mangion – Country Alliance Party

Candidate for Gippsland

Country Alliance Party candidate for Gippsland Saviour Mangion is a chartered accountant with a strong interest in waterfowl hunting, which he has been doing since the age of 12.

Mr Mangion said the outdoors had always had “a strong hold on him” and he enjoyed camping, fishing and hunting.

Mr Mangion has worked in tax, financial accounting and agricultural industries.

He said he was running for Country Alliance as he believed it was “imperative to maintain Australia’s strong cultural and traditional recreations”.

Peter Dorian – Rise Up Australia

Candidate for Gippsland

Peter was born in south east Victoria and is married.

Peter said he stood for “marriage between a man and a woman”.

“We are not opposed to any minority developing their own institution… we are greatly concerned that governments think they have the right to interfere with something that has its origins in divine spiritual choice of our ancestry.

“Our number one policy is immigration.

“We at Rise Up Australia, love the multi-ethnic country we live in, however it is clearly evident that every country that tries to adopt the multi-culture policy has enormous unrest.”

Mark Guerin – Secular Party

Candidate for Gippsland

The Secular Party stands for separation of religion from government, review of the tax exempt status of religion, social equality and the establishment of an Australian republic.

I have grown increasingly frustrated by the influence of religion in public life and on government policy such as the chaplaincy program and special religious instruction in schools.

Ross Fisher – Country Party Alliance

Candidate for McMillan

Ross’s family comes from the western district of Victoria and he grew up with hunting, fishing, camping and all outdoors pursuits as his way of life.

Ross said he was a company director with over 40 years experience and had held executive leadership roles in national and international business, industry and sporting bodies.

Ross said he was running for Country Alliance to “fairly protect the interests of the rural sector.”

“As an advocate of our right to choose and enjoy our traditional outdoor recreations, I will oppose oppressive and needless regulation, unnecessary red tape or politically biased obstruction,” he said.

Leigh Gatt – Independent

Candidate for McMillan

I’m 30 and I ran in the last election. I am doing things a little different this election.

I’m all for sending refugees back home. We already have our own. We have our homeless and unemployed. Until we get all of these problems sorted out, we should not be taking any at all. There should be no increase of any politician’s pay both upper and lower house for minimum of five years and a review needs to be done of where all of the country’s money is being spent.