Going beyond the call of duty

The professionalism, commitment and integrity of seven Latrobe Valley police officers has been recognised this week with commendations for “exceptionally high” police work.

Presented by acting Superintendent Mick West at Morwell headquarters on Tuesday, the officers were awarded the specialised accolades in recognition of on-job performance, which he said in some cases went beyond the call of duty.

Three Traralgon officers, constables Robbie Tucknott, Alex McNeill and Paul Stow were recognised with a Divisional Commendation for their outstanding professionalism and compassion when responding to a horrific accident scene, where they assisted critically injured people.

The compassionate response of another three officers to an attempted suicide was recognised with a Local Service Area commendation, after Acting Sergeant Dale Henry and constables Ash van Nooten and Rob Bartorelli worked with colleagues and paramedics in an attempt to save the man’s life.

Traralgon Sergeant Danny Hower was also acknowledged for his coordination of revolver sidearm phase out between 2008 and 2012, during which semi-automatic pistols were introduced to the local inventory.

“It’s acknowledgement the guys get which they would otherwise not get – goes onto their personal record; you don’t expect the accolades but when they come, you do enjoy them – the younger guys especially so,” Sgt Hower said.

Act Supt West said the awards were only given out when special mention was warranted for local members.

“Our people often put in effort and try to save lives in very stressful and demanding situations, so we’re very proud of them,” Act Supt West said.

“It’s good to see people prepared to work hard and serve the community in terrible circumstances.”