‘No reason’ for high LPG prices

Local LPG prices remain high despite Victorian transport advocates calling on fuel retailers to cut prices following a decrease in the regional benchmark commodity price.

LPG prices in Morwell remain just under $1 per litre on Friday – with prices including 99.9 and 98.9 cents per litre at three retailers.

RACV vehicle engineering manager Michael Case said after record high LPG prices during December across Victoria, retailers should act fast to pass on some relief to motorists.

“Victorians driving LPG powered vehicles have been paying up to 113.1 cents per litre in regional Victoria and 95.9 cents per litre in Melbourne after the commodity price jumped at the start of December,” Mr Case said.

“The wholesale prices have now dropped, and RACV would expect to see a decrease at the pump of at least six cents per litre.

“While we have seen some decreases in a few regional towns, fuel retailers need to do the right thing by Victorian motorists and quickly pass on these savings.”

Mr Case said RACV remained concerned about the impact the high LPG prices were having on motorists and businesses.

“These high prices have created an added burden for businesses and motorists, and RACV fears that this record price will turn some people off using this cheaper alternative fuel now and into the future,” Mr Case said.

“Most of the LPG sold in Australia is produced locally, and RACV remains concerned that by matching the global commodity price, producers have been taking advantage of the situation to maximise their profits at the expense of consumers.”

RACV members and the public could find the cheapest metro LPG prices near them via the RACV website.