Open your homes

Premier Denis Napthine has called on Victorians with empty holiday houses to open their homes to the people of Morwell.

While visiting the Incident Control Centre in Traralgon on Wednesday, Dr Napthine said a process could be put in place via service clubs or tourism bodies to “put families who want a break in touch with people who have got facilities available”.

“I think it’s time we looked at how we can bring together the goodwill of the broader Victorian community to perhaps volunteer their houses, particularly holiday homes,” Dr Napthine said.

“At the weekend, we’re looking at other opportunities… where are events and activities in the region that we can provide access to encourage children and families to take advantage of a few hours away or a half day away from living in Morwell?”

He praised Member for Morwell Russell Northe for his efforts to ensure the Premier was acutely aware of the issues facing the Morwell community and vowed to continue to seek his advice on the need for further financial assistance.

“We will continue to assess the needs of the community… if there’s further assistance that can be of value we’ll certainly have a look at it,” Dr Napthine said.