Political potential?

THE former Voices of the Valley president has yet to confirm if he will run as an independent for Morwell in the state election.

Hazelwood mine fire activist, Simon Ellis said a lot of people were considering candidacy and was speaking to friends in the Labor Party before making a commitment.

“I don’t want to get into it as of yet, until I’ve put pen to paper properly,” Mr Ellis said.

The Voices of the Valley community group was critical of the state and federal governments during the mine fire, and suggested millions of dollars earmarked for new brown coal projects should be redirected to clean-up Morwell.

Mr Ellis said he considered the candidacy following the Hazelwood mine fire and criticised Member for Morwell Russell Northe for doing little during the event.

The suggested candidacy follows reports in The Age newspaper that Morwell was a “seat to watch with sources confirming the major parties’ primary vote in the regional seat has collapsed in the 20s (percentage wise), with at least half of the electorate undecided in the wake of the Hazelwood mine fire”.

Mr Ellis did not respond to questions about the low primary votes, but said he was starting to make inquiries into polls.

He said he would make a formal announcement about his possible candidacy in the next few weeks.