Conflicting polls of Morwell seat security

Latrobe Valley 1st is calling the Morwell electorate a marginal seat after polling a fraction of its approximate 40,000 voters.

The Longeran Research poll of 446 eligible voters in the Morwell electorate, using Voice Automated Telephone Interviewing, shows independent candidate Tracie Lund has already secured 15 per cent of the primary vote.

The data indicated if the election were held today, the Coalition would receive 39 per cent of the primary vote, followed by the Labor Party at 34 per cent.

The Australian Greens would take six per cent of the vote.

“Since I was chosen to stand by the community as an independent candidate, I’ve had a flood of support,” Ms Lund said.

“Many people that I speak to in the community are disappointed with the major parties. They are looking for someone who will stand up and genuinely represent the interests of local people.”

The grassroots political group said the responses were weighed against population estimates derived from the 2011 Census and 2010 electoral results.

Member for Morwell Russell Northe declined to comment on the poll data or if he believed Morwell was a marginal seat.

However, a leaked Coalition ReachTEL polling data of 646 residents across the Victorian state electorate of Morwell indicates Russell Northe would receive 54.7 per cent of the primary vote, and Tracie Lund 11.3 per cent respectively.

Residents were asked, ‘If you were forced to choose between the following candidates who would you choose?’

A Nationals spokesperson said Mr Northe was incredibly hardworking and caring local member who took nothing for granted.

“Mr Northe will continue to work hard for the region he grew up in and hopes to continue this hard work if elected on November 29.”

When asked if Morwell was a marginal seat, Labor Party leader Daniel Andrews said the people of Morwell were still “very, very angry” with Russell Northe, Dennis Napthine and Peter Ryan.

“Because when the people of Morwell needed their government most, the government simply wasn’t there,” the Opposition leader said.

“Three weeks to set up a community health clinic, three weeks to set up a community information centre.

“People are still getting unexplained blood noses, asthma when they never used to, their ceilings are still full of toxic soot.

“This government betrayed the people of Morwell and the people of Morwell know it.”