Kurnai’s timeline of neglect

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A Kurnai College council report is calling for funding to rebuild its Morwell campus, one of the most dilapidated facilities in the state.

2006/2007 Kurnai receives funding for stage one of a three-planned stage rebuild of its Morwell campus.

Early 2009 Stage one building works are complete.

2010 Kurnai submits application for second stage of rebuild in the next round of school rebuilds, but project is stopped due to a change in government.

2011 to 2012 All schools are audited under the Condition Assessment Report Audits (CAR)

Early April 2013 Kurnai College Morwell CAR report says Morwell has double the percentage of poor and worn buildings than the state average. Buildings rebuilt under the stage 1 upgrade are ranked at 2.89, but the majority of buildings planned for stage 2 are ranked 1.50. Ratings between 1.00 -1.61 were set to receive capital funding, while 2.01 -2.68 to receive maintenance.

April 2013 $51.5 million announced to more than 200 schools with buildings in worse condition. Kurnai College is not included in the funding list, despite having buildings that fall within the capital and maintenance criteria of the first round.

May 2013 Kurnai discovers it did not receive funding because it has an “over-entitlement of classrooms”. The school was originally built for 600 students, but has a current and future projected enrolment of 400 students. The school said it was given no warning of this criteria prior to the announcement.

August to December 2013 Meetings with the CAR team to address over-entitled space. The school closes necessary rooms. The CAR team prepares to seek funding for an architect to be employed to redesign a smaller school, but decides the school couldn’t do anything more.

2014 Several capital and maintenance announcements for schools, including $23 million for 169 schools and $71 million allocated in the 2014/15 Victorian State Budget.