Springtime renewal

Morwell will come alive with a three-day spring festival this month celebrating all things sustainable.

As part of RMIT’s ReActivate Latrobe Valley project, the Spring Sustainability Festival will feature markets, performances, art, talks, children’s events, food and other attractions, including the Get Sunflowered project.

Hoping for an array of events and market stalls to coincide with the festival, RMIT Associate Professor Rosalea Monacella said the festival was an opportunity to recognise the great things happening in Latrobe Valley.

“This is a fantastic occasion to experience and be inspired by the creativity and diversity of the city of Latrobe,” Associate Professor Monacella said.

“The festival will exhibit works from artists curated around the town centre, including a collaborative project between (RMIT) and Ben Morieson’s enormous planting of sunflower crops across strategically located vacant spaces, creating a visually stunning landscape throughout the Valley.”

Associate Professor Monacella said the festival was a celebration of renewed visions for the future of the Valley.

“It is an opportunity to recognise the great things happening in Latrobe and to reconnect with their origins in local communities,” she said.

“The festival will host market stalls, workshops and performances which will showcase local enterprises – from artisan foods, artists and makers, performers and community groups unique to the region.”

Festivities will begin at 3pm on Friday, 28 November to 9pm and finish on Sunday, 30 November.

To host an event or a market stall throughout the festival, phone 9925 0817 or email


For more information visit www.latrobevalleyfestival.com