Morwell still too close

Neither party is ready to call the seat of Morwell, as the vote count continues.

The Nationals’ Russell Northe stays in the lead with 51.76 per cent of the vote after preferences, compared to Labor’s Jadon Mintern’s 48.24 per cent.

This equates to a difference of 1327 votes.

Absentee votes, provisional votes and some postal votes are still to be counted, according to the Victorian Electoral Commission.

Early votes were counted on Monday.

While there are about 5000 votes technically left on the Morwell roll, it is unlikely all of these people voted and the number of remaining votes to be counted could be much lower.

In the 2010 election, there were 1300 absentee votes. There is a remaining 401 postal votes registered, however they may not all be sent in.