Take care during the long weekend

Speed, distractions, drink driving and fatigue will be the focus of Latrobe Valley Highway Patrol officers this Queen’s birthday weekend as they’re deployed across the region to ensure drivers arrive safely at their destinations.

Acting Sergeant Grant Phillips urged drivers to take care if travelling long distances and take a break every two hours.

“You’re better off to be there a little bit later than not at all,” Act Sgt Phillips said.

“Our ultimate aim is to reduce the amount of serious injury collisions and fatalities on our roads.”

The operation will run from Friday until Monday and coincides with the official start of the snow season. Act Sgt Phillips called for driver patience.

“If by chance you’re behind a slower vehicle, please be patient and wait for an appropriate place to overtake and do not exceed the speed limit,” he said.

“Leave the mobile phone out of reach. Don’t use it. The smallest distraction can leave unforgettable consequences.”