Random act of kindness

SOMETIMES she has to circle the block in her car to find the opportune moment to leave a wrapped bouquet for an unassuming stranger.

In stealth Traralgon florist Rhi Tomholt flower bombs a public place in town or the Traralgon Railway Reservoir Conservation Reserve opposite her home in what she calls a “random act of kindness”.

“I just wanted to make a stranger’s day and make them smile,” Ms Tomholt said.

The 26 year-old said she began the weekly ritual after participating in the International Lonely Bouquet Day last year.

This Sunday, she will again celebrate the annual worldwide event, leaving her own blooms in town.

Ms Tomholt said she tried to find locations where someone would stumble across the flowers and leaves a note: ‘Hello! Please take me home. This is a random act of kindness. Have a nice day!’.

Ms Tomholt said she had been contacted by some of the people lucky enough to find the flowers.

“They’re always over the moon and so happy to have found them. But I did have one woman who was upset because it wasn’t from her husband,” she said with a laugh.

When asked about her passion for flowers, she spoke of the way they could express feelings.

“People send them when they’re happy, sad, when they’re celebrating something, just because… it’s a platform for people to share their feelings and I like being a part of that,” she said.