Clean-up order issued for Anglesea Power Station

ALCOA has been issued a statutory clean-up notice for the recently closed Anglesea Power Station site, requiring it to manage soil and groundwater contamination.

The company’s spokesman Brian Doy said the notice was expected and part of the process with the government to rehabilitate the site.

“Alcoa expects to record approximately US $40 to $45 million for asset retirement obligations and environmental remediation,” Mr Doy said.

Environment Protection Authority manager for the south-west region Eve Graham said the EPA recognised the level of community interest in the remediation and future use of the site.

“The clean-up notice will ensure this next phase of preparation for future use is thorough and well planned so the site can provide important environmental and community benefits for the region into the future,” Ms Graham said.

The notice requires Alcoa to complete an environmental site assessment of extent of contamination in soil and groundwater on and from the premises by 30 September, 2017.

It requires Alcoa to engage an EPA-appointed auditor to commence environmental auditing of the premises to inform the next phase of clean-up at the site.

“Alcoa is also required to provide quarterly updates on its progress throughout this period,” Ms Graham said.

As decommissioning works progress, EPA will issue further notices to clean up the site.