Parkrun bursting at the seams

Just six months after its establishment Traralgon’s Parkrun has surpassed all expectations and reached capacity.

The free, weekly five-kilometre timed fun run drew 289 runners to last Saturday’s event, with the run able to accommodate about 300 participants.

Traralgon Parkrun committee member Will Hanrahan said while they always expected it to be a success, they did not think they would reach capacity so quickly.

“A couple of months ago we realised we were growing quickly and should get in before the problem (of full capacity) was here,” Mr Hanrahan said.

The committee established a petition to widen the pathway at Agnes Brereton Park, but Mr Hanrahan said after discussions with council they realised it was not feasible.

“They said it was a big ask, it’s just not going to happen at all,” he said.

“We’re a victim of our own popularity, more people want to participate so we are looking at ways to address the issue.”

Event director Sarge Waterfield said he was looking into lengthening the course to meet demand, but had faced issues due to the location of the park.

“Unfortunately Traralgon has a lot of roads that cut across the paths and (parkrun) doesn’t permit us to cross roads,” he said.

However, he said the committee was discussing the option of extending a path through some vacant paddocks at Oxford Place near Traralgon Creek.

“But we need to find out who owns the land and discuss it with them,” Mr Waterfield said.

He said the development of Parkrun events across each of Latrobe Valley’s major towns would ease the strain on the run.

“Ideally we would like Parkrun to spread out across Latrobe City so people can attend the one closest to them,” Mr Waterfield said.

In the meantime, the committee asked participants to use common sense and to keep left while they investigate ways to improve the event.

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