Community generosity goes a long way

BABY bonnets, booties and blankets.

These are the much needed goods required by the many women who utilise Quantum Support Services’ resources.

And with the centre receiving 300 police referrals a month, they are in high demand.

Thanks to a group of hard-working women through Gippsland Multicultural Services, the organisation now has an abundance of baby goods.

The items will be handed out to disadvantaged mothers and babies in need.

Quantum senior family violence worker Nesli Cassar said the knitting group’s generosity was appreciated by the organisation.

“Anything baby is very much welcome by Quantum,” Ms Cassar said.

“Especially goods like this that are handmade and brand new – it’s nice to have new things for the babies.”

The donations will be used across the support service’s many resources including the women’s refugee and crisis response service.

“Some women leave with absolutely nothing and are unable to go back home to their house to safely retrieve belongings (so the donation is very much appreciated),” Ms Cassar said.

Gippsland Multicultural Services social support services coordinator Irini Lehos said the group’s donation was just one example of the senior population’s commitment to supporting the community.

“You can’t underestimate the value of volunteering and community,” Ms Lehos said.

“(The project and helping the community) is a very passionate thing for these women.

“They continue to do a lot of good for the community and are great role models for our next generation.”

Ms Lehos said while the group underplayed its contribution to society she saw all their hard work and the outcomes of their efforts.