Drug crime in national spotlight

The use, sale and manufacturing of crystal methamphetamine in Morwell is set to be tackled in a national campaign.

Crime Stoppers Victoria chief executive Samantha Hunter has confirmed the ‘Dob in a Dealer’ campaign will come to Morwell in the next few months, following a $1 million Federal Government commitment.

The Victorian Crime Stoppers ice initiative was rolled out in Moe and Traralgon last year.

“It’s been identified as an area to do some work in and we’re pleased to get some additional funding to bring it back down to the Latrobe Valley. It will be one of our first Victorian launches,” Ms Hunter said.

Ms Hunter said it was a great accolade to see the Victorian ‘Dob in a Dealer’ program picked up nationally.

The campaign will be rolled out across 75 Australian towns over the next six months, but locations will not be disclosed prior to campaigns to avoid tipping-off manufacturers and traffickers.

Ms Hunter said towns were identified based on the need for more public information, not necessarily areas with the “biggest” ice problem.

“It’s about the amount of intelligence police are receiving and if they need to stimulate the community to be more proactive in the fight (against ice),” Ms Hunter said.

“People often know who the dealers are in their local area, but they should also be on the look-out for suspicious activity, such as high volumes of people visiting one residence.”

Latrobe Valley police Acting Senior Sergeant Jason Helps said he was delighted the program had gained national recognition.

“It had an important impact for us in regards to intelligence for the community and subsequently taking action against dealers. It’s proved a success and we’re delighted it’s going to be spread further,” he said.

Crime Stoppers Victoria experienced an increase of more than 150 per cent in illicit drugs and ice reports throughout the 2015 campaign in addition to the more than 60,000 Victorians who used the confidential community service.

If you notice any suspicious activity phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.