Protection zone created for Greater Gliders

A 100-hectare Special Protection Zone will be created to protect habitat for a population of Greater Gliders found in an area where timber harvesting was taking place in East Gippsland.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning confirmed the SPZ would be created after a report received from the community was verified by ecological experts.

DELWP notified VicForests following receipt of the report, who ceased operations while the government department undertook an assessment.

When 11 or more Greater Gliders are detected within a one kilometre area in East Gippsland, a 100-hectare reserve is created to protect them.

The verification of the Greater Glider detection has resulted in VicForests modifying timber harvesting plans to ensure habitat to support the population is protected.

DELWP notifies VicForests when it receives reports of important forest species like the Greater Glider that are protected under the regulatory framework, chiefly the Code of Practice for Timber Production.

This is to ensure VicForests has all available information to enable its staff to operate within the regulatory framework.

In a gesture of good will to the community, the Chinese/Australian proprietors of Toora’s Viplus Dairy factor have refurbished and handed over a section of the old factory to the Toora Lions Club.

The former shop at the front of the factory complex is being turned into a dairy museum, while the rooms behind it will be available for the community to hold meetings or social functions.

The Lions are already using the largest area to store items of furniture to be distributed to the community in times of need.

The community space was launched with great fanfare, though the wild winds and threatening rainclouds affected some of the planned activities.

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