Jim McDonald to stand for Liberal Democrats

Another contender for the seat of McMillan has thrown his hat in the ring in the wake of next month’s federal election.

Thirty-one year-old Leongatha resident Jim McDonald will represent the Liberal Democrats in the battle for the seat of McMillan.

While sitting Member for McMillan Russell Broadbent has held the seat since 2004, Mr McDonald said he would do his best to win.

Of particular concern to Mr McDonald is “government interference in business”.

“Anybody who produces anything in McMillan needs to ask for permission from a government who produces nothing,” he said.

The live cattle trade and agriculture are also of importance.

He does not support a transition away from coal in its current state.

“Renewable energy in its current form is simply too expensive to be a viable energy source,” Mr McDonald said.

“There is a lot of exciting technology out on the market but they are still too expensive and shouldn’t be government subsidised.

“We shouldn’t transition until (renewable) energy is cheaper than coal.”