Claudio Marino puts hand up for council election

Born and bred Latrobe Valley man Claudio Marino has a ‘vision of transition’ for the region’s future.

The 58 year-old is standing for a seat on Latrobe City Council’s East Ward to set about ensuring any transition is a comfortable one for locals.

“I just thought well I’m from around here and I know exactly what the people (want) and how they feel and what they might be going through in the future,” Mr Marino said.

“There is going to be a lot of possible closures in our industry, and having worked in the industry, I just want to represent those people.

“Let them know that if elected in my capabilities I will try to make sure the transition period for them is as comfortable as possible.”

The father-of-four said he had strong connections with those in the power industry due to his role as a safety advisor.

He said obtaining new industries, new technologies, renewables and new businesses in Gippsland would be key to a comfortable transition.

So too are educational institutions, with who he would like to work with to introduce and upgrade skills and “help the people”.

Mr Marino highlighted initiatives Australian Paper was undertaking at its Maryvale Mill as a strongpoint of the Valley.

“I find it really interesting or very gratifying that they are trying very hard to do something, to keep that alive because if we don’t have that sort of thing in the Valley, the whole structure of the Valley falls apart,” he said.

Mr Marino feels as though the current council “is doing a lot more things across the board for Latrobe City”, another reason he decided to run.

In standing for council, he wants to project an image of unity for the Valley, the kind that attracts funding for other regions such as Shepparton and Bendigo.

He said a crux of his was ensuring the Valley’s smaller towns such as Boolarra and Glengarry also received representation.

“I think a good councillor should be representing the people, of course without compromising the people themselves,” Mr Marino said.

“Most of the community do know me, those that do know me trust me. I am very well known around Morwell, Moe and through my works through the power stations and so forth.

“So most people that know me do trust me.”