Lettuce have it

SICK leaves of a different variety were the bane of Moe Coles store management last week.

Moe franchise manager Lee Adam, regional manager Jarrod Thompson and operations manager Jo-Ann Kerr were all showered in food waste and old lettuce leaves as reward for an employee charity drive.

Staff members of the Moe store raised upward of $3000 for Coles’ charity-partner SecondBite, which redistributes surplus fresh food to people in need.

The challenge, as laid out by one of the regional managers, was each $1000 raised would rope in another boss to wear waste product.

“The challenge was sent out from one of the regional managers in the city and it was then brought onto us to see whether we could drive it, and it was driven hard in store and now we can reap the rewards of what we’ve done,” Mr Adam said.

“We were lucky enough with (employee) Jann (King’s) help to raise just over $3000.”

Mr Adam said being subjected to the dubious honour was all in good fun.

“It’s bitter sweet, but it’s good because it was my team that did it,” he said.

“There’s definitely a few team members who don’t mind paying it out on the boss and that’s fine, but it’s for the right cause, the right charity and we really get involved.”

For more information about SecondBite visit www.secondbite.org