The war that shaped the Valley

Federation University will host a conference on the economic impact of World War II in Gippsland later this month.

‘Post World War II Gippsland 1945-65’ will explore how a surge in economic development led to industry expansion and attracted new people to the area after the war ended.

FedUni Gippsland Head of Campus Harry Ballis said the region experienced an economic and population boom after WWII, dominated by an expansion of local industries.

“Coal, gas, oil and paper and major projects such as the extension of the Macalister Irrigation District were some of the industries that shaped the commercial landscape in Gippsland when WWII ended in 1945,” Dr Ballis said.

“It was a period of great prosperity and the Golden Age of Capitalism in the mid-20th century following the end of the war and lasted until the early 1970s.”

The conference will be held at FedUni’s Gippsland Campus on Saturday, 29 October and will bring together members of various historical studies groups.

Entry is free and all are welcome.

For more details or to RSVP, visit the Centre for Gippsland Studies events page on the FedUni website at