An education evolution

Swinburne Online is offering Latrobe Valley residents a taste of distance education before committing to university.

Launched last week, Evolve is a custom-built study trial that allows people to better understand what it is like to study online.

Swinburne Online strategic director Kay Lipson said the program was targeting regional students and those from low-socioeconomic backgrounds, including those in the Latrobe Valley.

Ms Lipson said she was optimistic Evolve would encourage those who may not have considered online education in the past, to consider an online course.

“Everyone, no matter their age, location, work or family commitments should be able to pursue their passion through tertiary education,” she said.

“We hope this free online unit will encourage more Australians to give online study a go and challenge the myth that online students have to be tech-savvy.”

She said many online students juggled multiple commitments such as a full-time job or raising a family.

Evolve includes a time management tool to help potential students understand how they might fit study into their daily schedules.

Evolve is open to all Latrobe Valley residents, regardless of age and background.

The trial can be taken at anytime and once finished there is no obligation to enrol with the university.

Evolve can be trialled by visiting