Tomorrow’s ideas today

Traralgon College hosted its first ever ‘Entrepreneurs Expo’ on Wednesday, 23 November.

Year 10 students showed off the projects they have been working on as part of the CreatIF… program, which helps students to identify a passion and apply this to a real project – starting a small business or working to solve a difficult problem.

Students are able to stop attending some of their classes to make time to work on these projects.

The trial program has been established as part of the ‘Paradigm Shifters Network’, which is a joint initiative involving 23 schools across Victoria and Western Sydney run by the Mitchell Institute, the Victorian Association of Secondary Schools Principals and New South Wales Secondary Principals’ Council.

The initiative is based on the work of world renowned Professor Yong Zhao whose work focuses on the implications of globalisation and technology on education.

Professor Zhao has been working closely with the network to help initiate and facilitate the program.

This program represents an important step for Traralgon College and education more broadly in the Latrobe Valley.

“The future of our region, as we know, is highly unpredictable as a result of privatisation; offshoring and automation of employment; and a changing energy landscape, as highlighted by the pending closure of Hazelwood power station and mine,” a school spokesperson said.

“It is no longer possible to identify likely future jobs, select the most appropriate skills, and teach them to students in traditional formats, as it has been throughout the most of the 20th century.

“To ensure a successful future for our children and our region, students need to be able to identify needs in the market and the community and have the skills to address these needs.

“The CreatIF… program aims to provide students with these skills.”