All clear for New Year’s

A relatively sensible approach to the silly season has been adopted by Latrobe Valley residents this Christmas and New Year’s, according to local authorities.

Latrobe Police Inspector Rob Wallace said behaviour had by and large been reasonable across the region.

“There’s been some isolated incidents of behaviours where people are now going to be held to account, some traffic and behavioural offences, but overall I’d have to say we’re pretty happy,” Insp Wallace said.

Road trauma was big on the police agenda over the Christmas break following a “horrific year last year” on Victorian roads.

“Certainly road-wise there’s full commitment from all members, as much as we can, to intercept preliminary breath tests, drug tests as appropriate and enforce the traffic laws,” Insp Wallace said.

Insp Wallace said New Year’s Eve celebrations and increased activity at licensed venues over the summer months had generally been handled responsibly.

“Generally speaking so far, people have been acting responsibly which is good to see,” he said.

“All we ask is people consider others; we want people to go out and have a good time, we encourage them to do that, but please consider other people out and about as well that we’re not intruding on their personal space.”

Insp Wallace warned residents to be vigilant this fire season with the curing rate of grass high.

“Be very mindful about fires and as with anything else, if you see something, say something – report it,” he said.

For bushfire information and advice phone the VicEmergency Hotline on 1800 226 226.

For emergencies dial triple zero.