Stylish donation draws a special ovation

Grand display: A selection of exquisite millinery created by Eleanor Marguerite (left) has been donated to the Traralgon RSPCA. Welcoming the donation is Traralgon store team leader Jacquie Hallom. (Please note: face masks were removed for the purpose of photo). photograph liam durkin

Liam Durkin

AN op shop in Traralgon is proving just how much opposites can attract.

While millinery in an op shop might look out of place in a store where most items fetch for a couple of bucks, the additions have proven a big hit.

Currently on display in the front window of the Traralgon RSPCA is a stunning array of headwear created by Traralgon designer Eleanor Marguerite, who has donated her pieces all for a worthy cause.

A self-described ‘hair embellisher’, Ms Marguerite said she was happy to know the money sold from her pieces would be going to help animals in need.

“I just wanted to give to the RSPCA because I’m passionate about animals and the care and the wellbeing of them,” she said.

“I think people can experience the magic and the mystery of it all and purchase one at an affordable price and donate to a cause which is the most important thing.”

Traralgon RSPCA store leader Jacqui Hallam said feedback from the initiative had been overwhelming.

“The response has been amazing, it has brought exposure, we’ve had people come in that have never been in here before,” she said.

“Eleanor has been amazing advertising for our shop … it has just been phenomenal.

“It is certainly a point of difference. The pieces sell up to $800 and now people are getting them for under $100.

“A lot of people can’t afford beautiful pieces like this but now it gives them an opportunity and they will wear it to a wedding, the races or to church.

“Every cent of it goes towards the RSPCA – to the animals and animal welfare, rehabilitation and surgery.”

Some of the items of headwear on display include pieces featuring bright floral arrangements and feathers to other very extravagant creations – one that even has a model aeroplane attached.

With the start of the Spring Carnival not far away, fashionista’s are sure to be sporting a number of head pieces such as those currently for sale at the Traralgon RSPCA.

While some peoples fashion sense can raise a few eyebrows, Ms Marguerite believed millinery enabled individuals to have some fun and bring out their creative side.

“You’d be amazed what people wear at the races … they wear some pretty out there pieces,” she said.

“I notice very much that anything is fashion, there is no set agenda. I think that whatever you want to be you can create in yourself. We are governed by what we so call ‘in-fashion’ but I think it is really all self-expression … just how you feel like defining yourself.”

Those interested in checking out the display of headwear can visit the Traralgon RSPCA shop at 103 Argyle Street.