Simply the zest

Unusual: Mr Demicoli holding his unique banana shaped lemon. photograph alyssa fritzlaff

Alyssa Fritzlaff

A LOCAL man’s find in his lemon tree was simply the zest.

When Newborough man, John Demicoli went into his garden recently, he did not expect to find something so unusual.

While tending to his lemon tree, he noticed something strange, amongst all the regular lemons in the large tree, hung a tiny banana shaped lemon.

While a banana shape lemon is not the most appealing thing to eat, Mr Demicoli couldn’t wait to share his side-splitting find with everyone else.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he said.

“I was cutting my lemons and then I spotted this awkward looking thing … I said ‘it can’t be’ – and it was.”

He quickly plucked the fruit off the tree so he could show others his sweet find.

Mr Demicoli said he had never seen a lemon on his tree like this one besides a few slightly odd shaped ones here and there, including a round spiky looking one that was produced not too long ago.

His friends and family were also surprised by the fruit’s strange appearance and also thought the finding was sublime.

“I showed my wife, and a friend and they all said ‘what is it’, and when I said it was a lemon they couldn’t believe it,” he explained.

Mr Demicoli has an extensive garden at his property, and grows a number of fruits and vegetables, however his large lemon tree is one of the most impressive.

It has produced so many lemons this year that Mr Demicoli can hardly keep up.

Hundreds of lemons currently fill its branches, yet Mr Demicoli is not sour about it – the lemon tree represents the time and care he has put in to make his garden fruitful.