Federation University prepares to welcome raft of new students

Federation University beckons: Riley Stevens is beginning a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering this year. photograph supplied

Alyssa Fritzlaff

FEDERATION University’s Gippsland campus is gearing up for 2022.

A total of 232 students received offers from Federation University in the Victorian Tertiary
Admissions Centre (VTAC) round of offers.

The most popular programs for students in 2022 at the Gippsland campus were Nursing, Education, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy.

Across all Federation University campuses, Criminology, Biomedical Science, Wildlife Science and Psychological Science were also very popular choices this year.

Federation University vice-chancellor and president, Professor Duncan Bentley said that
the events of the last two years have had an impact on 2022 enrolments.

“The current Year 12 graduates have competed their entire two years of VCE in the COVID-19 pandemic with long periods studying from home, which has made it difficult for some students to look beyond the pandemic and consider postsecondary school study,” he said.

“We know this has impacted enrolments over the past two years and we have put extra support in place to help incoming students, which has helped us maintain steady enrolments this year.”

Professor Bentley said the university is planning to change the way they operate to ensure the best outcomes for students.

“We are rolling out a plan to lock in future growth by modernising our operations and making strategic investments; taking advantage of our position as a regional university,” he explained.

“We are transforming the way that we operate to ensure our courses and programs align with industry needs so we can provide a pipeline of job ready graduates to work in our regions.”

Churchill local and 2021 Kurnai College Year 12 graduate Riley Stevens is starting a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering (Honours) at Federation this year.

“Fed Uni was my top preference … the idea of designing and construction have always interested me, and it has been that way ever since I was a kid,” Riley said.

Riley explained that Federations proximity to his current residence and support system was one of the reasons he selected the course.

“I thought Fed Uni, being closer, was probably the better option for me.

“It’s just easier … someone from school is also doing Civil Engineering with me. He was offered RMIT as well, but the convenience of having it local was a thing for him too.”

Riley heard about the course when Federation visited his school.

“We had a kind of mini open day, where all the Universities came to us. They had information on all their courses and what they offered… and that’s how I found out about the Fed Uni course,” he said.

Riley is excited to commence Civil Engineering in 2022.