Yallambee welcomes new CEO

Fresh beginnings: Yallambee Resident Mavis Treyvaud and new chief executive officer Alison Snell. photograph alyssa fritzlaff

Alyssa Fritzlaff

YALLAMBEE Traralgon Village for the Aged has a new chief executive officer.

Alison Snell, former facility manager at Mirboo North’s Calvary Strzelecki House and National Infection Prevention and Control advisor for Calvary Healthcare, has taken up the important position.

Ms Snell grew up in Gippsland, and began her career as a registered nurse.

She said she is as passionate about aged care today as she was at the beginning of her career.

As soon as Ms Snell began working in the aged care sector she knew it was where she wanted to stay.

“I finished my nursing degree, then did some shifts at a nursing home and I thought this is for me,” she said.

Now, Ms Snell has been working in the sector for about 20 years.

“I love being able to make a difference with people, I love the interactions with families and
getting to know everyone in their home,” she said.

“I’m pretty honoured to be part of their lives.”

Ms Snell started her new position at Yallambee last month and is spending time getting to know the facility, its residents and staff.

Ms Snell is enjoying getting to meet everyone and said everyone she has encountered has been welcoming.

There are approximately 190 staff and 120 residents at Yallambee.

“At the moment I’m just looking to see how everything works,” she said.

“It’s fantastic, really warm and welcoming.”

Ms Snell marvelled at Yallambee’s design.

“It’s such a beautiful home, and it’s lovely to walk around and meet all the residents,” she said.

“The townhouses out the front – they’re just beautiful inside.”

Ms Snell is excited about the future of Yallambee, and looks forward to working with the facility’s board of directors on future projects.

“The board seem to want to progress and do bigger and better things,” she said.