Yallourn fire under control

A fire that broke out at the Yallourn Power Station is under control. file photograph

Michelle Slater

One worker at the Yallourn Power Station was taken to hospital amid a coal bunker fire that broke out at 6.30 this morning.

The fire began the stage two area that stores coal to supply units 3 and four.

An Energy Australia spokesperson said the fire was under control and Fire Rescue Victoria was continuing to manage the incident.

“Importantly, everyone is safe,” the spokesperson said

“One worker was treated on site, and as a precaution transported to hospital in response to a personal reaction they had to a breathing apparatus.”

There were nine vehicles responding to the incident at 9am, with the fire contained within the power station.

EnergyAustralia will be consulting the Australian Energy Market Operator over the incident, but the Vic Emergency website had reported the fire posed no threat to energy supply.

The company also notified WorkSafe on the situation.

“When it’s deemed safe by Fire Rescue Victoria – who have current control of the scene – we will inspect the damage sustained and determine what maintenance and repairs will be needed,” the spokesperson said.

“We thank our people for their swift response to the fire and local emergency services for their support.”