Op shopping is a sustainable way forward

Helping hand: Traralgon RSPCA Op Shop volunteer Jill and manager Susan Tas are welcoming anyone who wishes to lend the store some assistance. Photo: Jada Cannizzo



TRARALGON’S RSPCA Op Shop’s new manager, Susan Tas, is encouraging those in the community to come and have a look at the op shop to see if they have what you might be looking for before buying something brand new.

The Traralgon RSPCA Op Shop was previously staffed by volunteers until Ms Tas started in September last year.

By having a manager, it now means the store is open for the same hours during the week.

Ms Tas’ goal over the past couple of months has been to make the store “more cohesive”.

RSPCA’s aim is to abolish animal cruelty and neglect.

The way RSPCA’s Op Shops help this aim is through donations.

The Op Shop will sort, and price items, and the money raised goes to the RSPCA, continuing their work to help abolish cruelty and neglect in animals.

When asked about the best thing about people who volunteer, Ms Tas said “their passion”.

“Their passion for raising money for the animals. That’s why they’re here. That’s why they do it. They’ve come here because they want to make a difference.”

The Traralgon RSPCA Op-Shop currently has 15 volunteers. But is always open to having more.

Ms Tas said most of the volunteers are retired people, however if there is anyone that wants to give a couple of hours here or there – they are more than welcome.

“For the older people who volunteer it gives them a purpose and a fabulous social network within the community,” she said.

“We get to unpack the most weird and wonderful donations.”

Ms Tas highlighted that sometimes people drop off some pretty gross things, but then people also donate the most incredible items.

“Just last week we had a lady donate around 300 garments and 90 per cent were brand new pieces with tags still on.”

“You name it, it comes through the door.”

Op Shopping is great for repurposing and recycling. Which Ms Tas highlighted in today’s climate, is great as so much of our pre-loved things end up in landfill.

“My shop window is all recycled used plastics, all donated items – mainly kitchen products and toys,” she said.

Traralgon RSPCA Op-Shop is happy to take donations during opening hours of good quality items. At the moment, they are especially keen to take kitchen items and décor.

“We take it all, at any time,” Ms Tas said.

Traralgon RSPCA Op-Shop is located at 103 Argyle Street, Traralgon.

Open 6 days a week Mon to Fri 10am to 4pm and on Saturdays 10am to 3pm.

If you want to volunteer at the op shop, visit the RSPCA website and follow links for volunteering. You must be 16 and over.

*Jada Cannizzo is an intern working with the Latrobe Valley Express