Female class appointed

All aboard: New V/Line driver Stephanie Love. Photo: Supplied


GRADUATES from V/Line’s first all-female group of trainee drivers have begun their new careers as fully qualified drivers.

V/Line chief executive Matt Carrick congratulated the graduates on finishing the two-year training program, and said they would play a vital role in keeping the train network running.

The drivers were recruited from non-rail backgrounds – including a former tram driver, prison guard and supermarket employee – bringing with them a diverse range of experience.

“We’re delighted to welcome this all-female class of graduates to V/Line’s driver ranks,” Mr Carrick said.

“Drivers are the lifeblood of our network. The work these women are now doing is central to keeping the network running and delivering for our passengers.”

Stephanie Love joined V/Line from the aviation industry and was one of the first women in the group to complete her training. She is now one of 82 female V/Line drivers and trainees.

“I had a few friends that said good things about V/Line which convinced me to apply for the job, so it’s fantastic to now be out on the network driving trains,” she said.

“The course was really wide-ranging. We did everything from safe working practices to operational procedures, which my background in aviation really helped with.

“I’m so proud to be part of the first all-female class. All of us working together and supporting each other – it was really awesome.

“Being a driver has been an incredibly rewarding experience – being able to work independently, travel across the countryside and meet some really great people has been amazing.”

V/Line is continuing to expand its workforce to help meet the needs of growing communities in regional Victoria, with the proportion of female drivers more than doubling since January 2019.

There are several other trainee driver groups at various stages of the training program.

In addition to drivers from non-railway backgrounds, V/Line also recruits trainee drivers who have previous experience driving trains for other operators or have worked in other roles within V/Line.

To find out more about working at V/Line visit: corporate.vline.com.au/Careers/Working-at-vline