Community engagement

Engaged: Delta Group has assisted Morwell Neighbourhood House. Photograph supplied



DELTA Group is looking to gain further education, employment, training and community engagement in their Traralgon office, and have “loads of things happening” according to community engagement member Lisa Bigham.

Delta Group is actively focused on understanding the views and priorities of the community and have been working on multiple projects to raise engagement in local areas, as well as helping raise awareness that Delta Group is there with many opportunities for everyone.

The group is a contracting group with services such as demolition, civil services (such as landscaping, excavating and ground improvement), recycling and rental services.

Recently, Delta Group has been involved with Latrobe Local Authority, Grow Gippsland, Federation University, the LLEN Program (Local Learning Employment Network) and the Morwell Neighbourhood House in the kitchen, cooking food to put in freezers for people all over the community.

In the last few weeks they had three sessions in the kitchen and collaborated with the other staff too.

“It’s not what we do for the community, it is what we do with the community,” Ms Bigham said.

“It’s just us wanting to invest in education and training pathways, and help with issues in the Gippsland community.”

Some other recent things Delta has participated in are Farm World at Lardner Park as well as R U OK? Day, Christmas donations and speaking to Lavalla Catholic College students about opportunities with Delta or other opportunities they can do with other companies they collaborate with.

“We are always looking for more opportunities to work with our community,” Ms Bigham said.

Spending time with schools, Delta is giving them the opportunity to see more career pathways that they can join.

In response to the work with the local schools and with students, Ms Bigham pointed out that “you can’t be what you can’t see”.