Help restore the Traralgon Courthouse

United: Latrobe City Deputy Mayor Dan Clancey, artist Libby Witchell, Friends of Traralgon Courthouse president Jenny Hammett, Mayor Kellie O'Callaghan Mayor and Councillor Darren Howe. Photograph Katrina Brandon



THE old courthouse in Franklin Street, Traralgon is in desperate need of restoration and the Friends of the Traralgon Courthouse need help from the nearby community to achieve it.

With paint falling down and cracks all around parts of the building, they are asking the population of Traralgon and more to help raise money for the repair.

The goal is from $50,000- $70,000 over the next nine months.

“Our fundraising campaign will kick-off with the Festival of Historical and Old Books and over the next nine months a series of activities and fundraising events will enable the Gippsland community to get behind the restoration of this great old landmark,” President of Friends of Traralgon Courthouse Jenny Hammett said.

Local artist Libby Witchell has supplied some drawings of the old, 1886 building as well as other merchandise to help raise enough to achieve the goal of repair as well as their usual book store.

Even Latrobe City Mayor, Kellie O’Callaghan mentioned that “the building is the heart of Traralgon, heart of our CBD. A good piece of history for our area.”

“Maybe some heating would be great to add,” Deputy Mayor, Dan Clancey said.

Everyone is welcome to go and buy some pictures, postcards, coasters and more in support of restoring the building.

Opening hours for June are Thursday to Saturday 10am-1pm or by appointment.

Phone 0418 334 747 to make arrangements.