Morwell’s CFA fundraising hero

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MADELINE Slater is a local CFA member in Morwell who is participating in the 28-stair climb at Crown in September.

During the Stair Climb, Madeline will carry 25kg of gear (including a breathing apparatus) while going up the 28 staircases in Melbourne’s Crown building. Ms Slater will fundraise for many causes that help emergency service members, including the Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation, 000, Lifeline’s prevention program that deals with post-traumatic stress disorder, suicide and depression.

“It’s a lot of different services that participate as well as some international firefighters as the event also ties to 9/11,” Ms Slater explained.

In addition to the 28-stair climb, Ms Slater is also running a donut fundraiser to help get the amount she needs to support those in need.

Every year, Ms Slater sells beanies at Morwell and other brigades, but this year, she is selling donuts with Krispy Kreme.

“The biggest thing I want for people to understand is that it is okay to go get help,” she said.

“When you are feeling okay, you should go out and get support because no one likes to feel down in the dumps, which is why I am doing this type of stuff.

“It is important to me, I want my daughters to grow up and see and know it is okay to go and seek support.”

To receive donuts, you can donate directly go to or for the local brigade