MORWELL Fire Brigade has become an emergency hub, storing and distributing generators to aid local communities still struggling with the effects of the storm that came through on February 13.

Captain Wayne Draper said the Morwell Fire Brigade location had been essential as a service hub to help those suffering after the storm.

“The brigade has offered DEECA (The Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action) a storage space for generators for anyone who needs them that lost power through the storm,” he said.

The Morwell brigade is helping to distribute these generators and continues to support DEECA’s affected residents.

Established more than 100 years ago, the Morwell CFA has been rooted in its McDonald Street location since 2005, serving as a cornerstone of the community.

Much discussion from the state government has been had to move the local CFA to join Fire Rescue Victoria on Princes Drive, Morwell.

Despite significant pushback by the CFA and volunteers to stay at their location, the potential move is still on the cards.

In charge: Captain of the Morwell Fire Brigade, Wayne Draper, says the brigade’s location is vital to offer community-based services in emergencies. Photograph supplied

Captain Draper said the Morwell brigade can best service the community from its McDonald Street location.

“It’s so important for the brigade to say where it is because we can offer (this) sort of stuff.”

Storing around 80 generators for DEECA to distribute, Mr Draper said the Morwell Fire Brigade wouldn’t be able to offer their beneficial services to the community if they were to move to the FRV building.

Though nobody has been forced to move just yet, the team at Morwell Fire Brigade have had some fruitful discussions with all the organisations to remain where they are.

“We’ve had some good discussions with CFA and FRV, and we’ve put our case like this one now,” Mr Draper said.

As clean-up efforts go on weeks after the storm and many households still go without power across the region, the brigade says that its role as a distributor highlights the need to ensure Morwell Fire Brigade can continue operating from its current location.

With more room, the infrastructure, and their volunteer power, they believe they can service the community better with the status quo.

“Because it’s the CFA, we’re community-minded. We do believe community comes first, and with the brigade, we can do things like that with our own station,” Mr Draper said.

With many generators already distributed to those suffering from the power outages, Mr Draper said, “If we were in a joint station, we wouldn’t have the luxury of what we’re doing now and offering that service”.

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